Sunday, August 8, 2010

Resuscitation of this blog

phew, one month here in monash and it is sure as hell hectic till there is no time to blog. well so here is a recap of those missing post.

well, first there was the hostel i am living in. worse than my first house. you can find shit floating in the toilet bowl which is absolutely disgusting. moronic indon housemates.

next up is the monash orientation, which is absolute blast, have fun and get to know our not too big campus. haha
then, after my second week there, my grandma pass away and i have to rush back to penang to attend her funeral. RIP grandma, but i believe you are in a better place by now.

grandma neighbour's dog
after coming back from penang, have a lot to catch up on lectures and studies that i had basically no time to blog or gaming.
GH birthday just passed the other day, so happy birthday again!!
entering the last week, where me and lionel went to pc fair to grab some techs. been wanting a razer mouse ever since i start gaming and there it is, bought one in pc fair, the razer deathadder refresh and a goliathus gaming mat(which they say is standard size but wth is it like 14"... no idea) glad i bought this mouse because it is definitely an improvement from my old mouse which is getting unresponsive. bye bye old mouse, i will miss you and the times you let me pwn my opponent. xoxo. if you said i am a rich bastard for buying a razer product, you should see my friend, bought 2 TB hdd from seagate +a razer abyssus, that is imba spending

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bloody Bugs

Stop Colonising My ROOM!!!! what's so nice about my room that you all like to come here every night, everyday ever since i moved here.

First there will be moths, always flock to the lamp and flutter everywhere, and next thing you know, they are dead tomorrow. wth, what are they doing? enjoy their last moment of Lightshine?zzz
then there is these pesky little flying bugs that always fly around my face as if it is a satelite, brush it away, it gets TLL, sting you in the face, in the hands in the arms, and man they hurt and swells so much.
then there is this kind of beetle that looks like a wallnut, it clearly doesnt know how to properly navigate it's flight, once it smash into my window with a loud "thud" and then fall off. the first time i saw them, i just bring my racket and smash them out of the window, diced into a million pieces, duh. but kesian them, didnt do that afterwards.
probably the most not annoying bug is the ladybug, at least they are cute to look at.
then you got this black flying drone like insect that comes like every raining season, and they sure as hell like my room, whole swarm. just swatted them all yesterday and boy they are tough,needing 2 hits to properly finish them off
and finally, the most badass insect ever, the rove beetle
This little thingy? yup, the most badass, if you see it, dont squash it with bare hands, use tissue paper or whatever just dont have skin contact with it.(i use scissors to cut them in half) this insect. because this insect can secrete toxins more potent than most cobra venoms, they are kind of like hydrochloric acid, it burns your hands, creating welts and nanahs. they actually dont bite, but just like secrete them out. bloody hell, i got these twice and it hurts as hell

Monday, April 26, 2010


Dad have taste, he choose Canton-i for his birthday dinner and i have to foot the bill. nice one dad, your son made a 95 ringgit profit the other day and it's gone on a meal, anyway, the food is nice. THANKS DAD!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!=3

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


i have been trying out Flyfm's wake up your brain contest every morning on the question New york City has the highest number of what. I know the answer is Twitter Users. I have been trying to call since the last month and guess what, cant patch through. Gerammmmm.. and then guess what again, today someone got it right and it's not me. WALAO, Sipek suay. 6300 ringgit leh. can buy many things liao...WTF, if only the call can go through and not getting User Busy, i will be like 6000 ringgit richer. WTFWTFWTF. no mood, dl-ing when in rome, need a good laugh

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Matthew Reilly

Ever heard of Matthew Reilly? well, for those who googl-ed for him will certainly know he is a writer, an australian writer at that. what makes him apart from other writers is that his book is EXPLOSIVE ACTION PACKED!!! science techno thriller that one can associate with riding a roller coaster with thrills and shrills at every end and corners, if you want an action thriller that can keep you at the edge of your seat when reading, he is the author for you. Frankly speaking, i am a bit astonished that there is not a movie adaption of any books he had written, i mean, this has more action than Bourne series, more fast paced that sometimes it is beyond hollywood material. i mean, this guy's book have everthing, adrenalin, pace, action, gore, blow by blow action scenes that one can associate with michael crichton books. although he was sometimes criticized by some for his book lacking character development, i think this is a good thing as telling about characters in long winded paragraphs slows down paceContest was his first published book, he actually self published the book before publishers do it for him. this is the book that set the pace for which he wrote thrillers, fast-paced, adrenalin pumping, gory details.

Temple is another standalone book that is more darker and sinister than contest which takes place in the jungles of south america, in this book there is some indiana jones feel in which the rich description of the jungles as well as parallel story telling gives readers vivid imagery about the story. hell, i imagine the whole story scene when i read through and it is way better than any movies i watched
This is the first book in the Scarecrow series which readers are introduced to a team of a US Marines sent to Antartica to investigate and protect something important. This is a book totally filled with action from the first word go. suspense from the first page onwards and lots of gun fighting, multinational fights and cover-ups, traitor within the ranks and much more. and all of this happen in the barren land of Antartica. this is action packed as the Marines need not only defend the station against french, british and the traitor within their midst they also need to fight against killer whales and mutated seals
Area 7 is the second book in the Scarecrow series which the Marine Shane "Scarecrow" returns, and all the action got faster with the president life at stake, traitors in the enemy and own ranks, a virus that is racist and to make it more unbelievable, a fight into space and re-entering earth to-fight again.
This is the third book in the Scarecrow series in which the Scarecrow is hunted down along with 14 other men in the world in a bounty hunt. and as expected, more action, split second thinking, blast, damage and of course a twist in the story as well as plans to start global war.
This book is the one that actually introduced me to the works of Matthew Reilly. it has another hero(jack west). this one is also fast paced action thriller with some historical facts jumbled in which provide the story with a new kind of depth as it fuses modern and past together. it features Egypt's pyramids, the capstones atop them, an incoming apocalyptic event, a lost language only a seer can interpret as well as nations fighting each other to get the capstone and in the mess of it all, actions, actions and MORE ACTIONS!!
this is the sequel to the seven ancient wonders in which the events in the first book is just the beginning and another bigger apocalyptic event is coming. Jack West team must locate the 6 sacred stones for they held the key to find the 6 pillars that can activate the Machine which will save humanity from the apocalypse. here, more history about civilisation past is revealed and Reilly did a great job in using them together with modern technologies to make this a fantastic read
As the story in the 6 sacred stones didnt end, it continues into this book which promises more action, more mystery, more twist, more tomb-raider-ish action where jack again goes against all odds to locate the pillars and activating the machine. it also add a few fantasy elements like the tomb of jesus in israel and such. a great read that can keep you at the edge of your seat and glued on for you need to find out more and more and more about what happen next

hell, if any of these books made it into the movies, i will surely watch them(as long as the directors dont cut the movie till the point of disappointment)

Thursday, March 11, 2010


This blog is going to get alive in a few days time

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ZGMF X20A Strike Freedom

Finally have time to write this post =DDD

bought the MG strike Freedom last 2 weeks ago. my hands are itching for a gunpla model so i went and bought one with my first salary this year.
well, bought it after some consideration and some research on some reviews which can be found here
and from here
actually considered destiny gundam extreme burst mode, but there is a waiting list of 3-4 months. T.T i don't and can't to wait that long.
without further ado, let see my first MG kit, strike freedom
p/s: here are some sites that give good guides on gunpla building
plamoadiction also have some gundam reviews and sinajus.
Tools needed: Cutter, Scissors, penknife, 0.3mm lining pencil, super fine black, blue, red gold marker, nail clippers, and sandpaper(fine)
why nail clippers, you may ask. well it is kinda like a 2 in 1 package, you can cut away nubs leftover from first cutting and you can file it using the nail file and then with sandpaper if it isn't satisfactory. and some cotton sticks(for pressing the dry transfer decals) and a pair of tweezers too.(to hold small parts when sanding and for applying stickers and decals without your fingerprint smudges at the back ruining the sticking)
the box art(like the full blast edition though >.<)

runners about 15++ piece

gold polycaps, talk about bling gundam!

the cockpit can be opened using a "sliding" mechanism but actually just an extension arm only

cool head

inner leg frame, you can choose to paint it with gold colour if you have time and money to do so

completed leg

waist unit
rail cannons

the cheek vents are seperated parts which means you wont need to paint it. save time!
it seems, u need to line nearly everything on the inner frame, cause idk which part will be visible after the outer frame is put on. for gold, you can use black, while for the white, you can use the 0.3mm pencil, which gives you lining and silvery finishes. if you want to create like deeper lining for shadow effect, repeat lining several times on the same area until they are dark greyish silver
IT GLOWS!!!! no la, super strong flash nia..

ah, so pearly white( like white, very pure)
dramatic effect(look at the shadow behind)

nub marks everywhere. T.T
attach the wing to the main body(broke the right wing mechanism, now it abit handicap when opening, cause need to manually flip each wing)

the back, as you can see, magnificent engineering enable the rail cannons to slide to the back and the guns can be stored at the side

argh... if i bought strike freedom full blast mode, i can have dragoons flying around then. ish..
the shoulder dry transfer decals, the right shoulder was a failed first attempt at doing dry decals, manage to salvage abit. the left one is better

double cannon together, interesting piece of engineering, i like it! =D
can even see my double o raiser at the back
the current posing.
overall,the model is very good(thank you beecraft team!!), i make some mistakes which only noobs can make(nub marks here and there) i didnt paint the model though, just apply a gloss coat(actually it is wax, which isn't paint, so it wont corrode the plastics, so if you are not satisfied with the results, take a clean cloth and wipe away the wax coat and reapply again)
if you are interested in gunpla, and looking for an MG to start with, you can consider this.